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SNRE graduate student Brett Blum shares spotlight with "Jungle Jack" Hanna at recent bighorn sheep capture

Friday, November 21, 2014

Who says fecal sampling isn’t glamorous?  SNRE graduate student Brett Blum shared the spotlight with television host and wildlife expert Jack Hanna at the recent bighorn sheep capture in the Superstition Mountains.  This sheep and several others are headed to the Catalina Mountains near Tucson as part of an ongoing effort by the Arizona Game and Fish Department to reestablish a sheep population which disappeared from the Catalina Mountains in the 1990’s.  Brett and Jack were collecting fecal samples from bighorn sheep and assisting a crew of AZGFD employees and volunteers.  These fecal samples provide a non-invasive way to measure sheep physiology and nutrition as part of a collaborative research effort to study the effects of human activity on bighorn sheep.  

Image Caption: SNRE Master’s student, Brett Blum, holds a sample tube while wildlife expert ‘Jungle Jack’ Hanna deposits a fecal sample from a bighorn sheep destined for the Catalina Mountains, near Tucson, as part of the ongoing effort by the Arizona Game and Fish Department to restore the population which disappeared in the 1990’s.