The University of Arizona

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Inclusive Excellence


SNRE is committed to maintaining and enhancing a diverse and inclusive environment within and external to the School by:

  • Actively building a diverse and welcoming environment for all

  • Ensuring that the SNRE community respects and embraces diversity

  • Encouraging and supporting activities and conversations that promote a genuine climate of mutual respect, empathy, and inclusion

The Inclusive Excellence Committee is part of SNRE’s attempt to promote this effort.


Mission: We encourage and promote a diverse, inclusive and equitable department by building community and supporting learning, facilitating information exchange, and developing and assessing policy.

Vision: A thriving, diverse department whose members (across all roles/power status) are demographically representative of the University of Arizona community. Multiple identity groups equitably access resources, feel safe, trust one another, and communicate skillfully.

Goal statement: Our overall aim is an enhanced learning environment in SNRE by embracing the cumulative intellect and perspectives that extend from cultural and demographic diversity. Our overall objectives in SNRE include to bring awareness to issues of inclusion and diversity, build trust and reassurance by creating a welcoming, respectful, community that honors multicultural backgrounds, and serve as an example to other departments.


Primary Activities:

  1. Inclusion of a member of the committee on every search committee
  2. Recommend training for the SNRE community on diversity and inclusion issues
  3. Organize events that celebrate Inclusion and Diversity
  4. To create, in the department, safe spaces and safe means to comment on inclusion and diversity issues
  5. Liaise with the ALVSCE DNI council and the Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement to develop and enact strategies to create real change
  6. Recruit more people into the SNRE-ID committee (especially students)
  7. Develop actionable strategies for short and long term change
  8. Be open to ideas for change and embrace honest discussion of difficult topics
  9. Identify and integrate strategies for more formally assessing diversity and inclusion metrics in faculty and staff performance


Committee Chair:

            Dr Elise Gornish (


Upcoming meeting times and place: 

Please feel free to join us when we meet- all are welcome! Meetings are held online via video conference and announced on our listserv. If you'd like to be added to our listserv, please email Elise (


Online forum input document:

We want to hear from you! Please send us your comments, concerns, or questions about inclusion and diversity in SNRE via this anonymous online comment form. We respect your privacy; all entries are completely anonymous.

            Online comment form

The Inclusive Excellence Committee addresses comments and entries throughout the year.

            Link to forum responses


Readings, videos, & resources

  • This Forbes piece offers key suggestions for developing spaces for listening. 


Resources on campus

            ALVSCE Diversity and Inclusion

             Title IX Office

             Campus Conversations for facilitator trainings 


Annual Updates

             November 2020