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SNRE Continuity of Operations

Monday, March 16, 2020

SNRE Continuity of Operations
We appreciate your patience as we adjust to a new way of doing business. This is a stressful time for all of us but we promise to remain as flexible and supportive as possible! Considering social distancing mandates, the SNRE business office will be working remotely until further notice. Business hours will be maintained remotely, if you need assistance please email business office and let us know what you need help with.
We are also willing to meet with you via phone or zoom.  Just email the business office and indicate what you need help with. We will send you a link to the meeting. Individual contact information is listed below.

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Business Office:
Ashley Stewart
Phone: 520dash621dash8567
Bethina Krogsgaard
Phone: 520dash621dash7902
Rebecca Collins
Phone: 520dash626dash0776
Maria Sims
Phone: 520dash621dash4189
Debbi Busack
Phone: 520dash621dash7264

Pre-award services:
Lynn Frazier
Office Phone: 520dash621dash0026
Cell Phone: Tucson area code dash370dash6969

Andy Honaman
Phone: 520dash621dash5517
Zoom: 520dash621dash5517

Advising & Student Help:
Katie Hughes
Hours: see Trellis Advise
Phone: 520dash621dash7260
Zoom: 520dash621dash7260
Shannon Scott
Phone: 520dash621dash1792
Zoom: 520dash621dash1792

Dr. John Koprowski
Office phone: 520dash626dash5895 
Cell phone: Tucson area code dash437dash4637


Building Access- updated 3/20/20 at 11:15am

  • Ensure you have building access to BSE and/or ENR2 by emailing a picture of your cat card to business office.
  • All entrances and floors N2, N3 and N4 at ENR2 will be locked 24/7 and will require cat card access to enter.
  • BSE is locked 24/7 and will require a cat card for entry. 


Travel- updated 3/25/20 at 12:15pm

  • UA halting all international and out-of-state travel
  • Review  health and travel guidance here
  • Send travel authorizations to business office and include documentation about mitigation strategies. Travel is subject to approval by the SNRE Director.
  • For travel documents, send scans or pictures of receipts to business office. Hold onto original receipts for submission at a later date.
  • Voyager receipts, send scans or pictures of receipts to business office hold onto original receipts for submission at a later date.


Purchasing- updated 3/20/20 11:15am

  • For PCard, send scans or pictures of receipts to business office. Hold onto original receipts for submission at a later date.
    • Send items to your home address.
    • Include a detailed business purpose and justify why the order is being delivered off campus and redact your home address from all receipts. 
    • Chemicals, hazardous materials and unallowed expenses are still unallowable on the PCard.
  • Purchases via shop catalogs should halt since research operations are minimal. If you need to order something email the business office for approval. 


For reimbursements, send scans or pictures of receipts to business office. Hold onto original receipts for submission at a later date.

Hiring and personnel-updated 3/25/20 12:15pm

  • Login to UAccess employee and update your contact and emergency contact information. Once logged in, go to the UA Employee Main homepage, select the tile for personal information and update phone and emergency contact information as needed. Email the business office with questions. 
  • At this time we must delay the start date for any new hires while we wait for guidance regarding processing I-9 documents remotely. We are still posting jobs and conducting searches for positions that are grant funded. If you have a position to post complete the job posting form and email the business office
  • Supervisors must review time reporting guidance
  • Ensure employees have signed up for direct deposit
  • International Faculty and Scholars staff are working remotely. While IFS staff work remotely, all arriving J-1 scholars will be individually emailed and advised to check in online, rather than in-person, using our J-1 Check-In E-Form on MyGlobal. Upon validation, scholars will be invited to attend orientation via Zoom, allowing them to ask questions and interact with their advisor as they normally would at an in-person orientation.More information at 


Shipping and mail-updated 3/28/20 4:00pm

  • Allowable deliveries to personal residences are preferred subject to each respective department’s leadership approval, under these conditions:
    • Under no circumstances shall hazardous materials, laboratory reagents, chemicals, biological agents, controlled substances or any other item that may create a safety hazard be delivered to a personal residence.
    • Other business-related supplies and items currently authorized for purchase with a University PCard per Financial Services Policy 9.18 Small Dollar/Direct Purchase Procedures may be delivered to personal residences on an as needed basis.
    • Departments are required to develop a procedure for tracking supplies and items delivered to personal residences to establish responsibility and controls around such
    • It is the responsibility of each respective department’s leadership to ensure that items delivered to personal residences are not misappropriated for personal use and that these items are returned to department office units when remote working conditions cease
    • Departments are responsible for providing a valid University business purpose when reconciling these PCard transactions and submitting all receipts and backup documentation to support these purchases

    Central Receiving remains open to accepting deliveries for any method of payment (including Purchasing Card), and employees can pick up purchases at the warehouse. To ship to Central Receiving the order should include:

    • The individual’s name
    • Department
    • Address: 3740 E 34th Street, Tucson, AZ 85713

    Thank you for your patience as we strive to ensure that business needs are accommodated, and employee safety is protected.
    Questions regarding this guidance should be directed to Ted Nasser at or 520-621-5449.
    Questions related to research related shipments should be sent to Carrie Stusse at or 520-621-1105.