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Alumni-Run Fishing Cat Conservancy Receives Disney Wildlife and Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Fishing Cat Conservancy is an organization founded by SNRE alum Ashwin Naidu dedicated to helping conserve the endangered fishing cat species. The organization was recently awarded a $25,000 Disney Wildlife Conservation Award and a $5000 award from the Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund. These funds are helping the Fishing Cat Conservancy in establishing community-based conservation efforts for fishing cats and their globally important mangrove habitat in coastal South India.

According to Naidu, "The UA Wild Cat Center, SNRE, and IE have been an incredible support in helping establish FCC through used equipment, gadget donations, mentorship and public media articles. The UA Wild Cat Center will be continuing to support FCC's international conservation activities through their scientific and technical support/guidance. We, at UAWCC and FCC, are looking forward to eventually creating a study-abroad program in partnership with the SNRE and IE to increase global citizen involvement in service learning for international wildlife conservation."

Learn more about the Fishing Cat Conservancy on their website or Facebook.

Fishing Cat by kellinahandbasket is licensed under CC-BY 2.0.