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USA-NPN National Coordinating Office Receives Climate Adaptation Leadership Award

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Climate Adaptation Leadership Award for Natural Resources was established in 2016 to bring to light many of the outstanding projects or activities that are advancing the resilience of our nation’s valuable fish, wildlife, and plant resources in a changing climate. This award acknowledges the leadership of those individuals, organizations, businesses, and agencies that are making it happen and promote their work as examples of successful climate adaptation.

The Award is sponsored and guided by the Steering Committee of the Climate Adaptation Leadership Awards and is made up of representatives from the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and various Federal agencies (USFWS, BIA, USFS, NRCS, NOAA).

The staff of the National Coordinating Office, USA National Phenology Network is being recognized in the “Broad Partnership” category for demonstrating exemplary leadership in reducing climate-related threats and promoting adaptation of the nation’s natural resources.

This Award was presented at the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Annual Meeting on September 10th, 2018 in Tampa Florida. More information on the award can be found here.

National Coordinating Office staff members honored include:

Staff Members of the National Coordinating Office include: 

  • Jake Weltzin, Executive Director, USA-NPN; Ecologist, USGS
  • Theresa Crimmins, Assistant Director, USA-NPN
  • LoriAnne Barnett, Education Coordinator, USA-NPN
  • Ellen Denny, Monitoring Design & Data Coordinator, USA-NPN
  • Kathy Gerst, Associate Research Scientist and Data Product Coordinator, USA-NPN
  • Patty Guertin, Botanist, USA-NPN
  • Lee Marsh, IT Coordinator, USA-NPN
  • Sharon Oliver, Administrative Associate, USA-NPN
  • Erin Posthumus, Outreach Coordinator and US Fish & Wildlife Service Liaison, USA-NPN
  • Alyssa Rosemartin, Partner & Application Specialist, USA-NPN
  • Sara Schaffer, Web Designer & Developer, USA-NPN
  • Jeff Switzer, Systems Analyst, USA-NPN


Photo by Tim Donovan, Florida FWC: Jake Weltzin, Executive Director of the USA National Phenology Network and US Geological Survey Ecologist, receives the Climate Adaptation Leadership Award for Natural Resources from Virgil Moore, President of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies on behalf of the USA-NPN National Coordinating Office.