The University of Arizona

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

UA Rangeland Monitoring Program Receives the USFS National Rangeland Research and Development Award

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Rangeland Monitoring Program was presented with the National Rangeland Research and Development Award from the US Forest Service at the Society for Range Management meetings in Oklahoma City last week. Individuals recognized for “your outstanding scientific achievement as an External Partner in the field of rangeland ecology and rangeland management” were Del Despain, Kim McReynolds, George Ruyle, Jim Sprinkle and Doug Tolleson.
The award states the “these individuals have a thorough understanding of the science and art of rangeland management as well as the tenacity to be leaders in their field and provide consistency in thought and methods regarding rangeland management across the various counties and National Forests in Arizona. They are “committed leaders cooperating with the Forest Service with the goal of positive movement towards ecological restoration.”
  • Among the specific efforts highlighted are the following:
  • Developing the “Guide to Rangeland Monitoring and Assessment”
  • Conducting interagency training to provide consistent application of protocols and collection of data
  • Development of the Vegetation GIS Data System (VGS)
  • Implementing the “Reading the Range” program
  •  Participation in the Natural Resources Conservation Workshop for Arizona Youth
  • Development and implementation of the youth program “Range Rocks”
  • Coordination with the National Riparian Service Team and the “Creeks and Communities” programming
  • Coordinated Resource Management activities
  • Initiation of the “Wallow Fire Forage Response” project
  • Development of the “Burning Risk Advisory Support System”
Again from the nomination: “These individuals working within their counties and across the state of Arizona build collaboration and consensus to address resource management concerns. With the goal of education and outreach they utilize many avenues to provide outreach in neutral settings to address issues and concerns in local communities surrounding National Forests in Arizona.”