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UA LEAF program founded by SNRE graduate students helps harvest food from UA campus

Monday, December 15, 2014

While graduate students at SNRE, Alex Arizpe and Angela Knerl helped to found the UA LEAF program, which harvests the fruit of trees on campus including olives, figs, and cirtrus which previously would go to waste. The program was recently featured in UANews.

From UA Leaf's site: "LEAF (Linking Edible Arizona Forests) is a program that allows the community to get involved with planting, conserving, and using edible trees in Arizona. LEAF on the UA Campus is a cooperative extension of this statewide program that focuses on creating harvesting programs on the University of Arizona Campus.  The University of Arizona main campus in Tucson, AZ has almost 8,000 mature trees growing in the landscape. While each of these trees contribute environmental and human health benefits, about 1,800 of them also produce potentially edible products such as fruit, nuts, and seeds. Olive, citrus, mesquite, oak, pinion, and date trees are among the dozen campus species that can be harvested for local food. Previously, these fruits, nuts, and seeds were going largely unutilized. LEAF on the UA campus is changing that."

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