The University of Arizona

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Thomas Jones receives Carson Fellowship

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tommy Jones, a Natural Resources Studies and American Indian Studies doctoral student of Associate Professor, Benedict J. Colombi, PhD recently received the prestigious Institute of the Environment Carson Scholars Program scholarship.  The Carson Scholars Program “is designed to build a network of graduate students and faculty devoted to furthering knowledge and awareness of Earth’s natural environment and its interactions with people. The program also encourages individual initiative, innovation, and communication. Carson Scholars, through their emphasis on excellence in interdisciplinary environmental scholarship, problem-solving, and communicating science to a broad audience, will become leaders in the advancement of collaborative solutions to environmental challenges among the public, private, NGO, and academic sectors.”

Tommy received the scholarship to support his dissertation research regarding renewable energy development and greater self-sufficiency on Tribal lands. His research analyzes the barriers that Native Nations have to achieving renewable energy, the role that Nation Building theory has with renewable energy development, and the education and technical requirements for Native Nations to realize renewable energy for their communities. He hopes to address the energy poverty that many Native communities have despite having great energy potential.

He will be presenting Barriers to Solar Development in Indian Country: Case Study San Carlos Apache” and “Scholarships and Internships available to Native Undergraduate and Graduate Students” at the University of Arizona Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership (UA/SIGP) Research Symposium April 7th, 2014 at 3:00pm in Cesar Chavez Building, Room 205. Part of his presentation details research that Dr. Colombi and he completed through a Renewable Energy Network grant this past year.