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Study by Randy Gimblett tracks White Salmon River recreation use

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Professor Randy Gimblett and graduate student Mia Hammersley are conducting a study throughout this summer  to map the use of the White Salmon River by rafters and kayakers. Mia Hammersley will live in the area for the summer while conducting the study. Landowners and kayakers will participate as citizen scientists using cameras and GPS to monitor boat numbers.

Examining the recreational use on the White Salmon River in its entirety is crucial, especially now that the Condit Dam has been removed and rafters and kayakers are using the lower section of the river.

“At some point a plan will have to be developed related to the salmon coming back to the river and if you have this kind of data at least you can talk about how people are physically using the place,” Gimblett said.

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Photo: Jane Chorazy, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service