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SNRE Business Office

Below are commonly used SNRE forms, instructions and links. Click on a heading to view related forms.
Please send all business and/or administrative questions and issues to .

SNRE Official Templates: LetterheadMemo, Fax, Phone Directory

Emergency Procedures: Evacuation Safety Plan for Fire and Other Evacuations

CALS Official Templates: CALS Cost Share Forms

Managing UA Property:  CALS Guidelines for management and disposition of property & equipment

Proposal Writing Information:

  • Proposal Routing Sheet
  • ERE Rates
  • Budget Template
  • FAQs
  • More...


  • PCard for purchases under $5,000 and for travel and food (all forms)
  • Purchases over $5,000
  • Paying Experts for Consulting
  • Setting up a Vendor for Payment
  • More…


  • Request authorization to travel nationally and internationally
  • Request a vehicle from Motor Pool, Mexican Vehicle Insurance
  • Request reimbursement for travel expenses
  • Operational advances
  • More...


  • Reimburse for expenses unrelated to travel
  • More...


  • All Staff Hiring - Students, Staff, Faculty, Postdocs
  • Designated Campus Colleagues & Volunteers
  • Driver's License Check
  • GRA/TA hiring
  • ERE Rates
  • More...


  • UAccess & Entering Time
  • Summer Supp Comp Schedule
  • More...


  • Building Access and Keys
  • Room Reservations
  • SNRE Website Forms
  • AV Equipment Rental
  • UITS
  • More...

Academic forms for faculty