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SNRE students Stephani Clark Barkalow and Sally Petre win awards at the November 2013 Desert Fishes Council meeting

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Congratulations to SNRE students Stephani Clark Barkalow and Sally Petre for winning the best student paper and best student poster respectively at the November 2013 meeting of the Desert Fishes Council.  The Desert Fishes Council is an international organization consisting of hundreds of members interested in the conservation of desert fishes.  Competition for the awards was fierce,  and students from across Western North America presented.  Stephani’s talk was entitled Effects of total suspended sediment on survival of Yaqui chub eggs and larvae and concerned effects of U.S./Mexico Border operations on streams crossing the international border. Sally’s poster was entitled Habitat suitability criteria for Virile Crayfish, a non-native species in Arizona and discussed habitat needs of an invasive species that affects many of the native aquatic species in Arizona.   Both are Master’s students of Dr. Scott Bonar.