The University of Arizona

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

SNRE Students attend annual meeting of Southwest Region of the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society

Sunday, August 21, 2016

SNRE students Taylor Ulrich, Zach Nemec, Larissa Lee, Marci Caballero-Reynolds, and Jacqueline Hannifan recently attended the annual meeting of the Southwest Region of the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society (NAFWS). AFWS is a network that helps promote science, communicate new findings, share management techniques, and more among the various tribes within the United States. This organization is significant to many tribes as the natural resources on their lands are culturally and economically important, and NAFWS helps to ensure the sustainability and proper management of these resources.

The conference (SWNAFWS) was hosted by the Navajo Nation at the Navajo Nation Twin Arrows Casino Resort located near Flagstaff, Arizona. Many different organizations were represented including but not limited to Navajo Nation Department of Fish and WIldlife, Arizona Game and Fish Department, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Northern Arizona University, and representatives of many tribes from throughout the Southwest region.

The theme for this years meeting was "One Voice, One Vision, Engaging Our Youth in this Changing Environment to Strengthen Our Traditional Values". In correlation with the theme, the SNRE students who exhibited at the conference were able to represent and promote SNRE to a wide range of people, including high school students, community college students, and near-graduation students at other universities looking for their next step.