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13-Mar-19 Luis Alan Navarro, COLSON, Mexico Socialished: Unveiling the Social Structure of a Watershed, San Miguel River Case Study in Sonora Mexico
27-Feb-19 Casey terHorst, Cal State Northridge Limits to Eco-Evolutionary Interactions: Lessons from Invasive Plants and Coral Reefs
20-Feb-19 Roy Averill-Murray, US Fish and Wildlife Service The Importance of Long-term Studies: Case Studies with Desert Tortoises
13-Feb-19 Nicolas Pineda, COLSON, Mexico Water Rights in Mexico: A Comparative Perspective
6-Feb-19 Christine Rollinson, The Morton Arboretum The Past, Present, and Future of Climate-Driven Change in US Forests
30-Jan-19 Alejandro Monsivais, Instituto Politecnico Nacional Applicability of Microwave Sattelite Data to Monitor Different Land Covers in Mexico
23-Jan-19 Jennifer Funk, Chapman University Trait-Based Approaches to Ecological Restoration in Invaded Plant Communities
9-Jan-19 Alejandro Varela. UNISON Study and Conservation of Native Fish in Northwestern Mexico
5-Dec-18 Mary Gagen, Swansea University Trees, climates, our past and our future
28-Nov-18 Amber Pairis, Climate Science Alliance South Coast Speaking to the Heart and Mind: Diverse Voices for Climate Solutions
14-Nov-18 Asa Aradottir, Agricultural University of Iceland Against the odds? The science and practicalities of large-scale ecological restoration near an active volcano
7-Nov-18 Laura Lopez-Hoffman, University of Arizona Telecouplings reveal hidden relationships between ecological processes and ecosystem services in different locations
31-Oct-18 Jessica Metcalf, Colorado State University CSI Microbiome: Big Clues from Tiny Witnesses
24-Oct-18 Sasha Reed, United States Geological Survey Moab Dryland responses to global change: a biogeochemical perspective from a woman in science
17-Oct-18 Noelle Beckman, Utah State University Seed Dispersal Ecology Under Global Change
10-Oct-18 Kathy Jacobs, University of Arizona The Growing Non-Federal Role in Climate Assessment and Adaptation
10-Oct-18 Katie Prudic, University of Arizona People Power: Biodiversity Informatics at Conservation Scale
26-Sep-18 Jennifer Verdolin, University of Arizona Exploring sociality: How individuals shape group dynamics and applications for conservation
19-Sep-18 Judie Bronstein, University of Arizona The Dark Side of Mutualism: Unraveling the Enigmatic Datura-Manduca Interaction in Arizona’s Desert Grasslands
12-Sep-18 Soumaya Belmecheri, University of Arizona The role of climate in tree response to rising CO2
29-Aug-18 SNRE Faculty Faculty Introduction (Part 2)
22-Aug-18 SNRE Faculty

Faculty Introduction (Part 1)

29-Jan-20 Den WIlder, DIrector, Tumamoc Hill Establishing Ecological Baselines in the Sonoran Desert  
5-Feb-20 Katy Prudic, University of Arizona Precision Conservation takes Flight in Pollinators 
12-Feb-20 Joshua Grinath, Idaho State Univeristy Effects of nitrogen and rainfall variability on grassland plants and animals
19-Feb-20 Emma Rocio Fajardo, Sky Island Alliance 
Binational natural resource conservation
1- April- 20 Laiken Jordahl, Center for Biological Diversity
Environmental impacts of current border wall construction in Arizona
8-April-20 David Quanrud, UArizona

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15- April- 20 John Koprowski, Director SNRE Q & A
22- April- 20 Kris Hulvey, Working Lands Conservation Can we manage public rangelands for grazing and for the environment?
29-April-20 Charles Gerba, UArizona Update on Corona Virus, Research as the West Center
26-Aug-20 SNRE Faculty Faculty Introductions 
4-Sep-20 SNRE Faculty Faculty Introductions
9-Sep-20 SNRE Faclty Faculty Introductions 
16 - Sep- 20 Joseph Brewer Indigenous Ecosystem Stewardship
23- Sep- 20 Adrian Quijada Challenges and Opportunities for Genomics in Tribal Education
30-Sep-20 Brady McGee Mexican Grey Wolf Recovery
7-Oct -20 Kirby Bristow Research and Management of game species in Arizona
14-Oct- 20 Ron Torsper Fundamental characteristics of Traditional Ecological Knowledge21-
21-Oct- 20 Dr. Andrew Curley  Rethinking Tribal Resource Governance in an Area of Climate Change 
28-Oct-20 Crystal Leonetti Alaskan Native Relations and Natural Resources
4-Nov- 20 Carol Chambers- NAU New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse
11-Nov-20 Vertans Day- No Seminar  
18-Nov- 20 Kim Tallbear  Indegenous Peoples, Science, and (De) colonization
25-Nov-20 Seminar Cancelled  
2-Dec-20 Nonabah Lane Navajo - Ethno Agriculture Topics
9-Dec-20 Marit Alanen Mount Graham Red Squirrel
13-Jan-21 Seth Pilsk Shił Gozhǫ́ǫ́: Apache Knowledge, Sickness, and Health
20-Jan-21 Emma Robbins The Navajo Water Project
27-Jan-21 Carrie Canon Plants, Inspiring the People; Reflections on Hualapai Ethnobotany of the Grand Canyon
3-Feb-21 Althea Walker Building Bridges in Climate Change Adaptation
10-Feb-21 Kelsey John Dale Animals, Lands & More than Human Agency in Natural Resource Management 
17-Fwb-21 Selso Vargas Tohono O'odham Department of Water Resources
24-Feb-21 Robert Mesta Native Americans, Feathers, and Bird Conservation
3-Mar-21 Karletta Chief Indigenous Food, Energy, and Water Security and Sovereignty (Indige-FEWSS)
24-Mar-21 Serra Hoaglund Learning from our ancestors - the increasing need for indigenous knowledge in natural resource management
31-Mar-21 Ben Colombi The Inverse Relationship between Indigenous Peoples' Political Standing and Biodiversity across Large Areas
7-April-21 Gloria Tom  Native Women Leading in Coversation
14-April-21 Gary Morishima Braiding Indigenous and Western Science 
28-April-21  Jon Cooley Arizona Game and Fish Department Non-Bird Wildlife Repository
5-May-21 Jeff Femhi Field Safety