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5-Dec-18 Mary Gagen, Swansea University Trees, climates, our past and our future
28-Nov-18 Amber Pairis, Climate Science Alliance South Coast Speaking to the Heart and Mind: Diverse Voices for Climate Solutions
14-Nov-18 Asa Aradottir, Agricultural University of Iceland Against the odds? The science and practicalities of large-scale ecological restoration near an active volcano
7-Nov-18 Laura Lopez-Hoffman, University of Arizona Telecouplings reveal hidden relationships between ecological processes and ecosystem services in different locations
31-Oct-18 Jessica Metcalf, Colorado State University CSI Microbiome: Big Clues from Tiny Witnesses
24-Oct-18 Sasha Reed, United States Geological Survey Moab Dryland responses to global change: a biogeochemical perspective from a woman in science
17-Oct-18 Noelle Beckman, Utah State University Seed Dispersal Ecology Under Global Change
10-Oct-18 Kathy Jacobs, University of Arizona The Growing Non-Federal Role in Climate Assessment and Adaptation
10-Oct-18 Katie Prudic, University of Arizona People Power: Biodiversity Informatics at Conservation Scale
26-Sep-18 Jennifer Verdolin, University of Arizona Exploring sociality: How individuals shape group dynamics and applications for conservation
19-Sep-18 Judie Bronstein, University of Arizona The Dark Side of Mutualism: Unraveling the Enigmatic Datura-Manduca Interaction in Arizona’s Desert Grasslands
12-Sep-18 Soumaya Belmecheri, University of Arizona The role of climate in tree response to rising CO2
29-Aug-18 SNRE Faculty Faculty Introduction (Part 2)
22-Aug-18 SNRE Faculty Faculty Introduction (Part 1)