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Michael Kotutwa Johnson curates Hopi farming exhibit for Arizona State Museum

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Michael Kotutwa, an SNRE PhD student and Hopi farmer, has curated a photo exhibit called The Resiliency of Hopi Agriculture – 2000 Years of Planting, which will be displayed until June 2019 in the Arizona State Museum in Tucson. Kotutwa was interviewed about the exhibit for Tribal Business Journal. According to Kotutwa as interviewed for Tribal Business, “The exhibit visually displays the ingenuity, resiliency, and continuity of agricultural practices on the Little Colorado Plateau where things remain virtually unchanged over centuries in how we grow corn, beans, melons, and squash.”

Hopi farmers have mastered the challenges of growing crops in the desert Southwest, and Kotutwa hopes the exhibit will bring Hopi farmers recognition for developing an environmentally sustainable system which has been operating for thousands of years.

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