The University of Arizona

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Santa Rita Experimental Range

Santa Rita Experimental Range (Santa Rita) is a field station uniquely positioned to support research, education, and outreach in the Southwest. Researchers from around the country are drawn to the Santa Rita.

History: Santa Rita is the longest continuously active rangeland research facility and among the 5 oldest biological field stations in the United States.

Ecosystems: Geology, landforms, soils and vegetation varies along a 500 m elevation gradient. In addition, there are contrasting historic and contemporary land uses.

Size: 21,000 ha (52,000 acres) can support a wide range of experiments across several key vegetation types

Notable features: The Santa Rita is critical open space serving a rapidly growing human population and increasingly threatened sensitive and endangered species and ecosystems. Several SNRE faculty use the facility for their research including Steve Archer, Mitch McClaran, and George Ruyle. SNRE professor Mitch McClaran is the SRER's research director, and Brett Blum is the SRER Manager.