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USA National Phenology Network

The USA National Phenology Network brings together citizen scientists, government agencies, non-profit groups, educators and students of all ages to monitor the impacts of climate change on plants and animals in the United States. The network harnesses the power of people and the Internet to collect and share information, providing researchers with far more data than they could collect alone.

The goal of the National Coordinating Office (NCO) is to guide the development of the USA National Phenology Network, faciliate communication between scientists, land managers, policy-makers, and the public who are interested in assessing the effects of global change on natural ecological systems. The NCO was established through a cooperative agreement between the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the University of Arizona (UA). The USGS provides base-stable support for the NCO, and hired Dr. Jake Weltzin as the first Executive Director of USA-NPN. The UA is providing offices and other services through the School of Natural Resources and the Environment's Office of Arid Lands Studies.

Contact information:
Jake Weltzin