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Noxious, Invasive Plants

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Noxious, invasive plants are harmful non-native species that are regulated by state and federal laws because they threaten agriculture, navigation, fish, wildlife, or human health on both public and private lands. 

Annual costs to control invasive plants (and animals) in the U.S. are difficult to quantify but have been estimated to be in excess of $100 billion. The cornerstone of this program has been the Annual Southwestern, Noxious, Invasive Plant Short Course.  In 2012, a peer-reviewed survey was published which found that 95% of past Short Course attendees had increased their awareness of invasive weeds, 77% had changed the way they think about and manage invasive weeds, and 70% were applying concepts and management techniques they had learned at the Short Course in their daily jobs.  The Noxious, Invasive Plant Signature Program Team (SPT) consists of on- and off-campus Arizona Cooperative Extension personnel and meets annually to share information on research and extension programming in Arizona.  Contact Dr. Larry Howery for more information.

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