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Dr. Ruyle profiled in UANews: "Out Here, Stewardship of Public Lands Is Cultural and Critical"

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dr.  George Ruyle was recently profiled in a UANews feature that examines his role as a rangelands expert who helps ranchers who graze their cattle on public lands comply with government regulations. Rancher Wink Crigler is also interviewed in the article regarding Dr. Ruyle's role, "I can't overemphasize this point. In our community, George's presence has been incredible. George gets people to sit around a table and talk about these issues, and it's really pretty phenomenal." 

To learn more about Dr. Ruyle and his work with Arizona ranchers, check out the full article on UANews.

UPDATE: The UANews story on Dr. Ruyle's work has also been featured by the Oro Valley Voice.