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Doug Tolleson addresses global effects of land-use on animal agriculture in Congressional talk and new publication

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dr. Doug Tolleson recently participated in a "Snack and Fact" briefing through the America Society of Animal Science. These briefings give an opportunity for members of congress and their staff to learn more about animal science issues. Dr. Tolleson's briefing, Land-Use Challenges for Animal Agriculture, was based on his recent publication examining the global effects of changing land-use on animal agriculture.

According to Dr. Tolleson, “Global changes in land use present multiple challenges to animal and rangeland scientists. The need to mitigate negative impacts, enhance positive impacts, and discover new innovative contributions to society from animals is at a critical juncture. Proper science-based land and livestock management will continue to mitigate negative environmental effects of livestock production, and provide positive effects, while producing needed goods and services.”