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COVID-19 Resources for Faculty/Staff

Resources for Faculty/Staff- updated 8/21/20 7:36am
1. Student Emergency Fund....the application process:  You can donate to the fund through a crowdfunding site at:
2. Dean of Students will check on students via the Public Care report.  or call the number on that page if you are unsure of what steps to take.
3. The Dean of Students Office Dean on Call Program provides faculty and staff with a 24/7 contact to assist with urgent concerns, or emergency and crisis situations impacting the student community.
Please click here to access the Dean on Call
4. CALS and CES Instructors - are you teaching remotely but have difficulty hosting Zoom from home, due to bandwidth issues, lack of classroom resources, tech, or simply a good space in your home? We now have two Zoom Room Studios in Forbes and Saguaro Hall. . To schedule use of these rooms, please contact Dave Bogner at

Just in case:
"Tip for working from home with young kids..... (from someone who worked from home for 18 years.)  Kids may not understand the difference between you being physically accessible and you being available. I put a command hook on the outside of my office door with 3 signs, like a traffic light.  They easily understood that the green light meant they could come on in and talk to me, that the red stop sign meant not to interrupt unless there was a fire or someone badly hurt, and the yellow triangle meant to knock very softly and wait patiently. It worked wonders for everyone, especially by reducing their confusion and frustration."