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Alum Dr. Seafha Ramos Featured in The Wildlife Society

Monday, July 30, 2018

Dr. Seafha Ramos SNRE Ph.D. graduate (2016) was recently featured in The Wildlife Society for her work on successfully integrating traditional knowledge into wildlife conservation following the publication of her article on “Considerations for culturally sensitive traditional ecological knowledge research in wildlife conservation” in the Wildlife Society Bulletin.

Dr. Ramos is Program Coordinator for the Rroulou’sik REU program at Humboldt State University and research associate with the Department of Wildlife. The Rroulou’sik REU is a new summer program for “undergraduate students interested in a research experience focused on the science and management of natural resources on tribal lands and in collaboration with tribal partners.” Dr. Ramos’s work has focused on the philosophy of indigenous and western science paradigms, traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), and wildlife conservation and management. 

As reported in The Wildlife Society, Dr. Ramos is helping us understand not just the importance of incorporating TEK into traditional conservation methods but of a fully collaborative approach. “People are seeing two different valid ways of viewing the world working together” and that we should view TEK as “a system where people and wildlife collaboratively strive to create and maintain balance of the earth via physical and spiritual management in tandem.”

Slideshow Image: National Parks Service