The University of Arizona

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Faculty by Program Option

Ecology and Management of Rangelands Option

  • Dr. Steve Archer
  • Dr. Jeff Fehmi
  • Dr. Elise Gornish
  • Dr. Larry Howery (Program Chair)
  • Dr. Laura Lopez-Hoffman
  • Dr. Mitch McClaran 
  • Dr. George Ruyle
  • Dr. Steve Smith
  • Dr. José Soto
  • Dr. Wim van Leeuwen


Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation and Management Option

  • Dr. Michael Bogan
  • Dr. Scott Bonar
  • Dr. Melanie Culver
  • Dr. John Koprowski
  • Dr. Bill Mannan 
  • Dr. Kathleen Prudic
  • Dr. Bob Steidl (Program Chair)

Affiliated Faculty:

  • Kevin Fitzsimmons
  • Donald V. Lightner
  • Peter N. Reinthal
  • David Walker

Watershed Management and Ecohydrology Option

  • ​Dr. Dave Breshears
  • Dr. Don Falk
  • Dr. Rachel Gallery
  • Dr. Gregg Garfin
  • Dr. Phil Guertin
  • Dr. Jia Hu
  • Dr. Malcolm Hughes
  • Dr. Laura Meredith
  • Dr. David Moore (Program Chair)
  • Dr. Shirley Papuga 
  • Dr. Valerie Trouet

Natural Resource Studies

​These are additional faculty available to advise students. Faculty listed above can also advise students with a Natural Resources Studies option. Dr. Laura Lopez-Hoffman is the Program Chair.
  • Jim Buizer
  • Randy Gimblett
  • Leslie Gunatilaka
  • Istvan Molnar
  • Any faculty member listed above