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Community Based Conservation in Nepal


The concepts and principles of biodiversity conservation through protected area management are evolving all around the world. The core issue has been how the system reconciles the needs and aspirations of local communities with the conservation of biodiversity. Through this course a group of students will be exposed to the participatory mode of conservation in Nepal through experiential learning. Nepal has created an impressive array of protected areas that include viable samples of biodiversity found in the Himalayas. Nepal showcases how conservation with the active involvement of local communities can persist even during periods of national and social unrest and conflicts.  Nepal has outstanding assemblages of plants, animals and ecosystems in a remarkable physical setting. The altitude increases dramatically from less than 100m above sea level in the subtropical Terai Region in the southern part of the country to Mount Everest, the highest point on the earth's surface (8848m), all within a short horizontal distance of about 200km. While students will experience the unique biodiversity of Nepal, the course also provides opportunities to learn about Nepal's diverse cultures, aspects of cultural anthropology, and conservation politics that shape conservation practices in a country.
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Koprowski, John