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Aaron Flesch and Dave Christianson on Trump's wall in Scientific American

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Aaron Flesch and Dave Christianson were both featured in a recent Scientific American article, "Trump’s Wall May Threaten Thousands of Plant and Animal Species on the U.S.–Mexico Border." Dr. Christianson does research on Sonoran Pronghorn, a species which is particularly sensitive to human barriers which would be threatened by the wall. Aaron Flesch offered his insight on the proposed border wall's impact on a number of species whose range extends through the Sonoran Desert in both Arizona and Mexico. Several endangered or threatened species would be negatively impacted, including the U.S. juaguar population, pygmy owls, and bighorn sheep. Flesch indicated that if the wall were built, "It would basically give us no avenue for recovery," for the jaguar population in Arizona.